We are always up for a good party & celebrations! Our space is great for such & we are elated to host your birthday, girl’s day, bridal, bachelorette or corporate party. You are welcome to bring food, drinks and decorations to celebrate. You and your guests will receive services by our nail technicians and the entire salon is closed to outside guests during your party. So let’s get the party started. Call us to book yours~

Plan a Spa-Themed Bachelorette, a Baby shower Party or a Birthday party. Bachelorette & Baby Shower party ideas include spending a day at the spa instead of drinking in a bar. Not only is this a great way for your group of friends to bond, but it will also help the bride-to-be and Mom-to-be relax before the big day. Consider planning this type of get-together close to the day of the wedding. Spend a few hours at the salon. Arrange for everyone to get blowouts and makeovers. To go all out, book some time at a manicure salon to have your fingernails and toenails done. Celebrate any occasion with us! A Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Birthday Party!!! Customize any of our salon services. Call us to arrange all the special details.

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